Catnip Cathouse
Santa Cruz, CA

Catnip Cathouse

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Pet Boarding / Sitting / Grooming 
885 Prospect Heights

Santa Cruz, CA, 95065
(831) 252-2287 

All visits strictly by appointment

Mon-Sat 8.30 am - 10:00 am
Sun 9am - 10:30 am


Exit Hwy 1 on Morrissey, turn toward De La Veaga Park, follow Morrissey along the sound wall about 600 yards to Prospect Heights, turn right.

Park on Prospect Heights, near La Fonda - call (831)252-2287 for appointment before arrival
NO parking on the private road! Plenty of parking on Prospect Heights. 5 10/30/2017
Claudia C.
Watsonville , Ca
Very reasonable price for loving care and webcam that eases your mind when you can see they are comfortable and even having some fun. Wouldn't take him anywhere else. Claudia 5 7/20/2017
T N.
Santa Cruz, CA
Catnip Cathouse is not only an affordable cat boarding house, Jeremy formed a real bond with my kitty and even provided wet food for her! The kitty cam is adorable and gave me reassurance to be able to see her while I was away. Definitely recommended. 5 7/5/2017
Theo P.
Santa Cruz, CA
Lulu enjoyed a lot here, definitely, i will bring her here, again. Thanks Jeremy 5 6/5/2017
Nina H.
Santa Cruz, CA
We have used several cat boarding places & Catnip is by far our favorite. Our cats always very relaxed when picked up. Fun to watch on camera when we are away. Excellent care...thank you. 5 5/27/2017
Joe S.
Santa Cruz, CA
Best place for our cat.. Jeremy is kind and attentive to all his kitty guests. Being able to see your cat on the webcams is a definite plus! 5 5/5/2017
Ross W.
Santa Cruz, CA
Catnip Cathouse - the best place for cat lodging, cat boarding, cat accommodations, cat resort, which makes it super convenient. 5 4/27/2017
Marlyn M.
Santa cruz, Ca
Lulu had a wonderful time at this place and i will definitely be bringing her again. 5 3/25/2017
Jerry M.
Santa Cruz, CA
Very happy with the service and it was offered at a fair price. I especially liked that we could see our kitty on video and know that she was doing well. I would not hesitate to recommend Catnip Cathouse for their conscientious care and personal service. 5 10/21/2016
Marcella Allingham
Santa Cruz
It made my vacation so much more relaxing knowing my dear kitty was having an equally nice vacationšŸ¤— 5 9/21/2016
Denise P.
Santa Cruz, CA
Omega & I love to come to the Catnip Cathouse! 5 8/17/2016
Kathy H.
Santa Cruz, CA
It was great being able to see our kittens via the web cam, and I also appreciated how much Jeremy clearly loved the kittens. We will definitely come back again. 5 8/13/2016
Bill P.
Santa Cruz, CA
I was a basket case when i dropped off Sparta, i forgot his bed, his food, toy... Catnip Cathouse took care of everything! Sparta wasn't stressed at all when i picked him up and brought him home. I think he really enjoyed himself. 5 5/16/2016
Denise Perston
Santa Cruz
Omega comes home so happy after staying at the Catnip Cathouse. Thank you for all your loving attention! Yours Truly, Omega & his mom. :-) 5 7/7/2015
Lisa M.
Santa Cruz, CA
Fantastic place! Our cats were well taken care of and we loved the web cams. The owners were responsive and even when we mixed up the pick-up time they were very accommodating. 5 6/22/2015
Molly M.
Santa Cruz, CA
I love the kitty cam. It's great to be able to check in our kitty while we're gone. Jeremy, you do such a great job. Thank you again. 5 12/15/2014
Stacy L.
Santa Cruz, CA
My Bubba was so happy and well cared for. Thank you! 5 12/20/2013
Rosalie B.
Scotts Valley, CA
Our cat has stayed at Catnip Cathouse twice in the past month (the most recent for eight days) and he's been taken care of very well. Yuki's very sweet and nice and you can tell she loves cats. It's great that you can check on your cat via their webcam and they will email you photos with an update on how they're doing. I would refer them to anyone that asks me about where to board their cat. It's great to have peace of mind when you go away and know that your cat is being taken care of by people you can trust. 5 9/29/2013
Jean M.
Santa Cruz, CA
I have had my cat in the Catnip Cathouse for several months due to travel and current living situation. It's SO good for her! They have very spacious and safe areas for them to stay seperately, as well as larger play areas. My cat loves being outdoors in the garden room. It's very clean and the caretakers are obviously cat lovers. When I was away, I really appreciated the webcams and the emails I received with photos of my cat. I recommend the Catnip Cathouse highly to anyone who needs cat boarding! 5 9/1/2013
Chloe G.
Santa Cruz, CA
This place is so cute! My cat was so happy here, she got to safely go outside, they played with her, and the little touches are just great. I love that they email you with updates and pictures of your kitty. The owners are reliable, easy to reach, and very accommodating. Everything was straightforward and friendly. I knew my kitty was safe and will definitely use their services again. The price is right and the service is beyond excellent. 5 5/8/2013
Kevin D.
Capitola, CA
We left our cat there for weeks and went to Europe. Everything was fine. These folks are very nice and this place is $5-$10 less a day than the other ones in the area.Kevin D. 5 1/2/2013
Kory P.
Santa Cruz, CA
We love the Catnip Cathouse and so does our little one, Isis. The price is very affordable, we have complete faith and clear communication with the owners, and it is such a blessing to be able to peek in on our girl using the webcams. Isis has not come home with any ailments, a common occurance we had with other local boarders. We also have never had to leave Isis an extra day because no one was available for us to pick her up. We strongly support the Catnip Cathouse and think you should too. 5 11/12/2012
Andy J.
Santa Cruz, CA
Cats aren't simply boarded at the Catnip Cathouse, they're HONORED by the two loving "cat-people" owners, Jeremy & Yuki. Three times now I've been able to enjoy being away, knowing that I did something nice for my pet as well in leaving her with them. So much has gone into the careful consideration of a cat-guest's environment that it truly is a must-see-for-yourself. I pride myself in being able to recommend the best in many categories, so I proudly include the Catnip Cathouse on my list of personal favorites! 5 11/6/2012
Steve D.
Santa Cruz, CA
It took us a while to find these folks after seeing their "ad car" on 41st Ave. some time ago, but we're glad we did! For whatever reason they don't come up when searching for "pet boarding" or "cat sitting". To be honest, the review from Dela G. makes no sense and we did not have any of the issues as described in the review. We just picked up our two cats after their week long visit. They were well cared for (sorry that they had to be treated for fleas, which they took care of at a reasonable cost. We were e-mailed that they needed it and even sent photos of the flea dirt). We were able to check on them via the webcams which was very cool. The total cost for everything was very reasonable. We highly recommend them with no hesitation - Thanks for taking such good care of Tara and Fiona. 5 10/2/2012
Jana G.
Santa Cruz, CA
Having to leave my cat behind for three months while me and my family ventured across country was very sad for me. My only solace was how well she was being cared for at the catnip motel. It is a cat paradise there and I would recommend it to ANYONE 5 7/24/2012
Debbie D.
Aptos. CA
We lucked out when we found Catnip Cathouse! They are obviously crazier about cats then even we are - going to great lengths to ensure not just that our cat's basic needs were met, but to create an environment that is clean, safe, and fun for cats. They are also very flexible with drop-off and pick-up with total transparency of their facilty - they gave us a great tour before we left our cats for the weekend. My husband and I will be taking more weekend get-aways now that we have such a great place to take our cats. Thank you ! 5 7/23/2012
Chip S.
Scotts Valley, CA
We had our kitty Stella spend a few days at Catnip House last month. We loved the space, it's clean and organized, the cats have plenty of room to move around in their big suites, and they get to spend time each day in a larger space that gives them safe access to the outdoors to watch birds and squirrels. We were able to log in and see Stella on the webcam, and the owners even snapped a few pictures of her that they shared with us after the stay. They are dedicated to creating a clean, healthy, and stimulating environment for the cats they care for, and we won't hesitate to have Stella stay there again. 5 6/18/2012
Karla H.
Santa Cruz, CA
We boarded Luna there again and were reminded of what a fabulous place this is for cats. We watched Luna whenever we wanted, on various webcams there. They feed squirrels and birds outside and all the cats visiting the outdoor cages were watching them. It's clean, there's no smell - it is bright and airy and the owners are both wonderful caregivers. We really did go on our trip with total peace of mind about Luna. This isn't like boarding with your vet, where your cat is in a cage in florescent light with nothing but a wall to look at - this is fun for them and full of activity. We can't recommend this place highly enough. 5 6/13/2012
Mark O.
Montclair, NJ
Excellent care! They are great people and genuinely care! A recent, reluctant move to New Jersey (yech!) meant a long 2 month stay for Max. Catnip was a great place for him, and when he had a health issue, they were very quick to react. I can't thank them enough. Really Really highly recommended! 5 5/20/2012
Carmelita C.
Aptos, CA
Warm, home-like environment--your cat will feel very secure. 5 1/8/2012
Aruna R.
Scotts Valley CA
I think you have a fantastic place to board cats to attend to their every need. What I really liked is that you have gone above and beyond to ensure a comfortable place to stay for the cats and peace of mind for the owners as promised. It is absolutely great that we are able to view our pets from the many cams that you have setup. That is a great feature that not many of the pet boarding places have that helps us connect with our pets even when they are not with us. In adidtion to the many features its also nice to know that you are genuine cat lovers and its not just a business. So, in a nutshell we are glad we chose catnip cathouse to board our pets and if we ever need to board them again we will be back ! 5 9/30/2011
Mona N.
Santa Cruz, CA
Our cat just spent 12 days at the Catnip Cathouse and we really appreciated the individual attention and care she received there. Her fur was beautiful when we picked her up because it was clear that she was brushed at least once a day. During our trip, we got email updates about her and even photos. We were remiss about checking in on her using the cat-cams, but it is nice to know that we could. They even have a birdcage full of budgies for the cats to watch. They honestly do love cats and enjoy having them as "guests". The prices are very reasonable and we definitely will be boarding our cat there the next time we are out of town. By the way, they are very flexible about drop-off and pick-up times which makes it super convenient.
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